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240z Clutch - L28 240mm flywheel

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:49 am
by beeto
Hi Forum!

So i have been ordering a few parts, and have done my homework on my clutch, and it looks like mine is a bit of a mix and match. Photos attached

I have an L28 F54/P90a combo (turbo), so i have a 240mm Flywheel.

I am trying to find a suitible clutch replacement, so need to get a 240mm clutch friction pad size, however it looks like i have the 240z throw out collar, as it is quite short (20mm+/- tall).

It looks like i need to :
- Get new clutch Kit for 240mm flywheel - what kits have people used -(i quite like the reputation of Exedy - ( ... 26505.aspx)
- change throw out collar - what one do i need to get? 280zx / 2+2?
- do i also then need to change the fork/slave cylinder?