High speed hard breaking shudder


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Post by fome dome » Thu Sep 25, 2014 7:18 pm

Greensheep wrote:
Andy wrote:If you're feeling it through the brake pedal it's almost certainly warped rotors, if it's more noticeable through the steering wheel it may be both rotors and worn or broken steering/suspension components. Pick up some new rotors, buy the best your budget will allow, thicker rotor walls are generally better.
Thanks Andy
Only noticed it through the steering wheel, brake pedal was firm
I guess that points more to suspension than brakes
Warped disc rotors can also resonate into the top suspension arms or caster rod bushes if they are worn will cause a shimmy in the steering wheel.
get them checked aswell as checking you're rotors.
You have to really stand on the brakes on a z32 to feel the abs work even then its not very intrusive, that's good I guess :P
Good luck

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