300zx seat belt unit noisy and/or jamming.


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300zx seat belt unit noisy and/or jamming.

Post by 300zxtt » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:55 pm

I just fixed my seat belt unit today. The problem was a plastic gear molded to the outside of a steel disc, and the plastic shrinks and cracks with age and bits fall off, causing noise and/or jamming with the broken bits.
I fixed it by using araldite (not too much) to put all the pieces back where they belong, and squeeze them up with molygrips to make sure they are firmly in place.
I've seen a lot of cracked plastic on steel with the sort of work I do, so I suspect this might be a common problem with these seat belt units. The photo shows it after being glued, but before reassembling some other components on the end.
IMG_3543 resized.jpg
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