350Z NOS project

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350Z NOS project

Post by sonric.rich » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:10 pm

Finally, after over a year of working on my 2003 350Z Track (NZ) - delays mostly due to lack of funds - it is in and working.
I haven't got it LVVA certified yet, that needs some more money to get there, but it is ready to go to a track day and have a play - have booked it in to an event at Taupo 13th August -
Playday On Track
EventFinda - PlayDay On Track 13 Aug

Got it back from dyno this morning and things are looking good - always room for improvements but happy with how it goes right now.

Factory in 2003 - 206kw/276hp & 363Nm @ 4800
Now, July 2017 - 181kw/242hp & 321Nm @ 4698
Now, with NOS - 230kw/307hp & 429Nm @ 4353 - i.e. +49kw/+65hp & + 108Nm

So, the NOS (with the available jets I have) is giving a 27% power boost & 34% torque boost - you can feel it and boy is it fun.

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Post by HasMilk » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:40 pm

Are the factory power figures at the wheels? Shame to think how much is lost with age - granted these are ~15 year old cars now.
That's an awesome power gain with the NOS, what sort of mods were involved and are you running mostly stock internals?
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Post by sonric.rich » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:52 pm

Yeah 11% loss over 13 years is a bit of a shame. I don't know if the factory stats are Rear Wheel - usually are - got the figures from redbook.co.nz
For my NOS all the internals are stock - the Track Edition should be robust enough to handle up to an additional 100hp and the Brembo's should able to take care of the "whoa".
I only changed the spark plugs to be 1 step colder - they were about $8 each instead of the standard ones which are about $20+ each - that was lucky.
I did need to get UpRev software to be able to get it tuned for the NOS.

I didn't have enough range of jets available to try and get some more out of it but that might be on my next hit list.

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