Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

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Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

Post by Andy » Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:45 pm

Preliminary notice of this event celebrating 50 years since the production of the first Z's. Sunday 10 March 2019

Unlike previous years this event will be held on a Sunday, so book Saturday 9 March and Sunday 10 March accommodation if required and take Monday off work instead of Friday.

Registrations [s]will be[/s] are via the MSNZ system which allows for non affiliates to register as well.

Numbers will be restricted to 36 participants on a first in basis, registering your interest on here will ensure you're in the queue but you will have to register through the MSNZ system once we have event approval
Edit: Approval Granted
Format will follow pretty much as in previous years. Cost will be notified ASAP.


Ascot Motor Inn:
Hosts: Ivy & Ke
70 Rifle Range Road
Phone: 07 377 2474
Freephone: 0800 800 670
Facilities and services available within complex
(Ascot Motor Inn is a trailer friendly hotel.)

Booking/Payment details

Contact the Ascot on 0800-800-670, they've pencil booked the hotel for us for Saturday 09th & Sunday 10th March 2019 (departing morning of 11th). After a certain date the hotel will be opened up to the public. PLEASE BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION EARLY SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT AND HAVE TO STAY OUT OF TOWN.

** Please ensure you say that you are with the Z Club or your inquiry may be declined, also have your credit card details ready to secure the your individual booking. **

Bella Vista Taupo
Hosts: Laurelle & Rachel (know to expect Zedders to phone and book for 2019)
145 Heuheu Street (over the fence from Ascot Motor Inn)
Taupo, New Zealand
Freephone: 0800 BELLAVISTA (0800 23 55 28 )
Phone: 07 378 9043

** Please phone the motel with your credit card details at the ready to secure your booking, don't forget to mention you're with the Z Club. **

**** There are new owners Ivy & Ke at Ascot Motor Inn, so please be patient whilst they get used to our requirements. Bellavista as always are happy to accommodate us, and as at 2018 they have extra parking that they haven't in the past.
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Post by Andy » Thu Oct 04, 2018 2:27 pm

This event boasts some of the best value track time you can buy, add in the included lunch and, for some, more prize value than your entry fee!

When: Sunday 10th March 2019
Where: Track 3, Taupo Motorsport Park, Centennial Drive (off Broadlands Road, Taupo)
What: As much track time as you can handle with driver training in the morning for those who want it.
How much: Fees apply as follows :
Normal Entry Fee: $120 (up to 5:00pm Friday 22 February 2019)
Late Entry Fee: All entrants $170 (up to 5.00pm Friday 8th March 2019)
Spectator Lunch: $13 (payment to Z Club Account with spectator name and Lunch)
Lunch included for all entrants.


This event is a Basic Status event and is a Circuit Sprint (Single Car) as per appendix 5 - Schedule C of the motorsport manual, promoted by the Datsun Z Club Inc. and will take place on Saturday 10th March 2018 at the Taupo Motorsport Park, Broadlands Road, Taupo.
The event will be held under these Supplementary Regulations, the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its Appendices and Schedules particularly appendix 5 - Schedule C and Appendix Two, Schedule A - Driver Safety and Vehicle Requirements.
MSNZ Permit Number: 190033

See "contact us" on the forum for email addresses
Event Organiser: Andy Mygind 027 4757744
Clerk of the Course: Dale Maxwell 021 154 8688
Assistant Clerk of the Course: Murray Chapman 021 957 351
Secretary of Event: Andy Mygind 027 4757744
Scrutineers: Dale Maxwell, Murray Chapman
Chief Marshal: Bernie Kant 022 456 0022
Competitor Relations Officer: Anthony Baker 027 497 6951
Organising Committee:
Imogen Hewlett 027 289 8440, Dale Maxwell, Murray Chapman, Bernie Kant, Anthony Baker
Andy Mygind

Contact for all matters pertaining to the event are as follows:

027 475 7744
Secretary Taupo Track Day
Datsun Z Club Inc
Box 24-234
Royal Oak
Auckland 1345

3.1 Venue: Taupo Motorsport Park located 10km Northeast of Taupo on Broadlands Road, Taupo
3.2 Layout: Track Three
3.3 Schedule:
07:30am - Organising Committee to venue for setup
08:15am - Driver registration, Documentation and safety audit scrutineering
09:00am - Drivers briefing and track tuition, this is compulsory for all attendees
09:30am - Driver training - Have a couple of laps with an experienced driver in the co-pilots seat, a great warmup and a chance to learn the racing line.
11:00am - Timed Practice - Up to 6 cars on the track in 15 minute sessions. This will be timed to decide speed groupings.
12:00pm - Lunch
12:45pm - Timed Practice - Timed sessions grouped according to speed.
03:45pm - Timing ceases, track runs continue
04:30pm - Track closes
04:45pm - Prize giving at the track

4.1 Opening and Closing: These open with the issuing of an event permit number by MSNZ. Normal entries close at 5:00pm on Friday 22 February 2019. Late entries close on Friday 8 March 2019
4.2 Entry Form: Method of entry is online registration via MSNZ online. Please wait to register until we have permit acceptance and then Enter Here Late entry on the day is by filling in a MSNZ entry by hand. Please call Andy to check acceptance before arranging to enter on the day.
4.3 Payment: Via direct payment to Z Club Account ASB 12 3427 0307451 00 marked with driver
name and Taupo
4.4 Number of Starters:
The organisers reserve the right to abandon the event if less than 25 entries are received at normal closing date.
The maximum number of starters will be 48.
Any additional entries received will be placed on the reserve list in order of receipt.
Priority goes to Datsun Z Club members then in order of entry receipt.
4.5 Entry Acceptance
Entries shall be made online and to be deemed valid must be complete in all details and accompanied by the appropriate fees. Acceptance will be at the organising committee's discretion. Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry in accordance with the prescribed provisions of the National Sporting Code. No individual acceptance emails will be sent, all accepted entries will be published in this thread. A general email to all participants will be sent in the weeks preceding the event.
4.6 Fees:
(1) Competing vehicle:
Normal Entry Fee: $120 per entrant (up to 5:00pm Friday 22 February 2019)
Late Entry Fee: $170 per entrant (up to 5.00pm Friday 8th March 2019)
(2) Spectator Lunch: $13 (payment to Z Club Account with spectator name and Lunch Taupo)
Volunteers receive complimentary lunch.

4.7 Refunds: In the case of a notified withdrawal
Prior to 9.00pm Wednesday 6 March 2019, a full refund of the entry fee paid will be made.
After 9.00pm on Wednesday 6 March 2019 - No Refund.

4.8 Acceptance of Entry:
Via email to the registered entrants email address

4.9 Competitor Requirements:
(1) Each entrant will be required to either flag marshal for 2 sessions or provide a marshal for two sessions. Your sessions will be notified and spaced away from your timed sessions.
(2) Knowledge and Understandings: In signing the entry forms competitors are deemed to fully understand: MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its relevant Appendices and Schedules
(3) Licence Requirements: Current NZ Drivers Licence
(4) i. Must be a full member of a MSNZ affiliated Club or
ii. if not a member of a MSNZ affiliated Club not have competed in more than two MSNZ events previously.
(5) Helmet complying with schedule A and minimum of 100% cotton overalls, leather footwear and 100% cotton or wool socks and underwear must be worn. (Please note that Motorsport NZ rules applying to helmets and clothing has changed, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR HELMET, UNDERWEAR, SHOES AND SOCKS COMPLY WITH SCHEDULE A OF THE MOTORSPORT MANUAL.) ... -a-1/#a1-4

5.1 Road going vehicles must be of a warrantible standard and carry a current Warrant of Fitness
5.2 Dedicated Competition vehicles must comply with Appendix Two, Schedule A
5.3 All loose objects must be removed from the driver/passenger compartment.

6.1 Excepting during reconnaissance laps, passengers may only be carried in a caged, dedicated competition car complying with Appendix Two, Schedule A,
6.2 Either the passenger or driver must hold as a minimum a MSNZ club-sport licence.
6.3 All passengers must sign an indemnity form on the start line of each run. Passengers must be over 12 years of age and if less than 16 years of age must have signed under Age Indemnity form signed by a parent or Guardian or have a restricted Competition License.

A 0-1600cc
B 1601-2300cc
C 2301-3000cc
D 3001-4100cc
E 4101cc and over

Forced Induction multiply by 1.7
Rotary multiply by 1.8
Forced Induction Rotary multiply by 3.06
2 Stroke multiply by 1.8
Forced Induction Diesel multiply by 1.5

Best Z performance
Best Overall
1st, 2nd and 3rd in all categories
1st, 2nd and 3rd for each Z generation (uncaged road legal cars only)
1st, 2nd and 3rd dedicated competition vehicle.
Best presented
Drivers best lap time
Various wildcard and performance prizes.

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Post by Andy » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:18 pm

O.K. we have approval by MSNZ, as this is the first time we have used the MSNZ system for entries please provide some feedback regarding ease of use and particularly interested in feedback from entrants who are not car club members. Stay in Touch!

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Re: Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

Post by Jibber » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:45 am

Hi Guys

Just trying to register - I've got myself set up but I can't find the enter the event function - what am I missing?

Process was painless, until I hit this one.

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Re: Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

Post by BRONZEE » Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:33 pm

Sorry not sure JB. I've flicked Andy a text for you.
Next - Z Club events:
= A few events brewing to be announced =
= Z Club NZ - AGM - fun event - 17 Nov 2018 =
= Concours d' Elegance - 10 Feb 2019

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Re: Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

Post by Jibber » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:50 pm

All sorted now I thinl - was a glitch with the website and my browser

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Re: Datsun Z Club Taupo Trackday celebrating 50 years of Z's

Post by mikec(nz) » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:30 pm

I tried and had problems too.

The instructions say to click on the picture of the car


Found the event but the pic of the car is not there?


So tried a different browser (chrome) and wallah there it was with a different name and the pic of the car


So I could enter. So if having problems try a different browser. I went back in via Internet Explorer and it all showed correctly now so beats me.

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