importing from the states

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importing from the states

Post by jz240 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi There
Can anyone tell me how to go about importing a Z out of the states with no title and only a bill of sale.
My intention is only a parts car, with no intention of putting it on the road

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Post by Andy » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:46 pm

Contact a shipping agent in NZ, they will arrange local and international transport. Pay freight, GST, port charges, cleaning, fumigation etc. Supply shipping co with delivery address. Car will arrive.

If your car is immobile it will probably need to be containerised which will cost you more. It's all pretty simple.

You can also ship using a US shipper and nominate a NZ agent when your car arrives. No title should not present a problem.

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Post by ZILVER » Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:36 am

I've ventured into private importing, and the costs I've come across are from ex California
Firstly you'd need a trusted contact in the USA to transport the car to the depo. A nominated shipper and an insurance broker. Never ship the bill with the car - courier to your address
To give you an idea it cost $3500 to ship a car the size of a 240Z to Auckland NZ. There is mandatory $630 clearance charges, plus $400 cleaning fee. Insurance is on top of that.
Youd then need a Bill of Lading which is a document prepared by the shipping company. It sets out the terms of the contract of carriage with the shipping company. It also serves as the consignor's receipt for Id of the car taken on board ship and it gives you the right to claim the goods to which it refers. This document must not ship with the car and would need to be sent via courier to you as soon as car ships)
With original Bill of Lading, (or de-registration or log card in hand) you would then go down to the appointed custom clearing agent (always ring in advance to avoid wasting time), give them your documents and they will then release your car.
Ownership would require VIN - fail cert - off road use only.
If the car is immobile there are other fees to factor. Car must be removed from depo within 5 days of arrival (failure to do so results in storage fees)
(For any others interested GST applicable if newer than 20years)

However if you want car as just parts then the ownership title is irrelevant, and the car itself is delivered and declared as parts only. GST becomes applicable to the sale of purchase value (which must be presented at US end) and an extra $80 for "used goods" is applicable to each consignment.

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