Upcoming Targa opportunities

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Upcoming Targa opportunities

Post by bernjean » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:46 pm

I thought I would post this if anybody in the club or forum members were interested.

Targa Time Trial. Heres an opportunity to do Targa without killing your car.
Introducing the Targa Time Trial!
In celebration of Targa NZ turning 25, we have introduced the Targa Time Trial. Reflecting back to its origins where average speeds and accuracy were the name of the game, we thought this might encourage some of our past Targa cars out of the garage to participate in the 25th Targa anniversary event where we will be travelling approx 800 kilometres of special closed road stages and approx 1200 kilometres of touring.

Of course if you're after a bit more of an adrenaline rush then the Targa Competition is the place to be where we cater from the Classic 2WD right through to modern day Super cars.

For those who are wanting a bit more of a social aspect then the Targa Tour is the place to be where you only require your every day driver.

There are no excuses! Get your entry in before the end of the month and take advantage of the current pricing structure.

If you require further information please check out the website or give Peter a call at the office - I'm sure he will be happy to talk to you!


If you require more information, please contact the Ultimate Rally Group office.

The Ultimate Rally Group, 563 Great South Road, Rosehill, Papakura, Auckland 2113

+64 9 2988 322
0800 427 827

Bernie Kant