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Established in 1981, the Datsun Z Club is the home club for Nissan/Datsun Fairlady Z series sports and G.T. cars, encompassing 240Z, 260Z, 280Z/ZX, 300ZX (1st and 2rd Generation), the 350Z and the 370Z. The Club owes its existence to a common interest in the Z-car, friendship, willingness of members to assist one-another, in all aspects of ‘Z’ ownership and in motor-sporting events.

Newsletter Issue 14 & AGM

Excerpt: Committee: Presently we have 6 people on the committee and will be down to five after our next AGM (coming up on 5th May

Annual General Meeting

President’s report  2023 On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank all those that have made the time to come here today. Its

Newsletter Issue 12

Excerpt: Memberships: I have sent out final emails for membership renewals. Please, if you are still intending to renew your membership and have not done


We pride ourselves on being an open and friendly community of enthusiasts. We welcome people to come along to an event or get involved the conversation online.

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Special Event!

Forgotten Highway Tour

April 19th-21st

Hey there! Come cruise with us along Highway 43 for a weekend full of fun and adventure. Whether you want to make a whole weekend out of it or just join us for the day, you’re welcome to hop in and enjoy the ride.