About the Z Club

Established in 1981, the Datsun Z Club is the home club for Nissan/Datsun Fairlady Z series sports and G.T. cars, encompassing 240Z, 260Z, 280Z/ZX, 300ZX (1st and 2rd Generation), the 350Z and the 370Z

The Club owes its existence to a common interest in the Z-car, friendship, willingness of members to assist one-another, in all aspects of ‘Z’ ownership and in motor-sporting events. In 1982 the Datsun Z Club was recognized by the ‘Classic & Thoroughbred’ car movement, and thereafter became an integral part of the Marque and Classic racing scene.

The ‘Z’ acquits itself very well in this class and, though not often outright winner, always offering the ‘big name’ classics some intense competition. The Z-Club took great pride in the fact that it had become one of the strongest, most enthusiastic, and most active marque based car clubs in the country. Join us to become involved, join us simply to use the services offered – whatever your reasons, it can only be to your advantage.

To become a member all that is needed is a general interest in street cars or motorsport. You don’t have to own a Z car or even own a car at all. But a word of warning here – association with the club may give you the Z bug! Signing up to the internet forum is FREE! or become a financial member to enjoy more benefits.

The Club is a member of MotorSport New Zealand, the governing body for motorsport in New Zealand. A sporting membership ($60) will enable you to apply for various grades of competition licenses, issued by the Motor Sport New Zealand, so there’s no limit to the amount of excitement you can avail yourself of.

And of course, various activities are arranged for the benefit of Z-Club members throughout the year.

Discounts at some retail outlets, covering parts, accessories and services have been arranged. We have however identified that the major concern of most owners is that of availability rather than cost. Consequently, one of the main services to our members is that of assisting in obtaining such parts and advising on services.

We at the Datsun Z Club hope you will take the opportunity to join our Club, by completing our online application form form. Should you require any additional information please feel free to us a call.