Sponsors & Preferred Suppliers

At this stage we are still working towards club sponsors and discount options, if you are a supplier and would like to put a link up for your products, we are very open to this please contact the committee. President: Bernie Kant (bernjean) president@zclub.nz

Discounts at some retail outlets, covering parts, accessories and services have been arranged. We have however identified that the major concern of most owners is that of availability rather than cost. Consequently, one of the main services to our members is that of assisting in obtaining such parts and advising on services.

Discount on application for Z Club members Preferred Supplier

15% discount on all website prices for Z Club members Preferred Supplier

Discounts available with proof of membership up to 24% Preferred Supplier

10% discount to verified club members Preferred Supplier
Preferred Supplier
Moses machines imported to order. Shaun and his team specialize in importing cars direct from Japan. He is especially experienced in Classic Cars. Preferred Supplier