About Events

The Committee is committed to holding at least 4 car cruise events each year. As the committee is based in Auckland most of these will be in the Auckland area, we will endeavour to hold events in other regions as and when it is possible.

We will also from time to time organise garage tours, technical nights and other such events, these events are only open to club members.

We also encourage non-committee members to organise events. If you are keen contact us and we can help you by sending out a mailout and promoting your event. We can even place your event on Facebook Z Club page. Contact: president@zclub.nz or captain@zclub.nz

Please note that all events organised in the name of the club need to be authorised by the committee.

I have been asked for contact details of members for a particular region, unfortunately because of privacy reasons I am unable to do hand out fellow members details without their permission but are more than happy to contact them on your behalf. Or alternatively obtain their permission for you to contact them.

We would also welcome any suggestions on events. Please send all suggestions to the emails above.