From the Archives: Orient Express, last Zeditorial July 2011

Social. They say Humans are social animals, sadly being a Nerd I know little of Human social interaction. It’s hard to deny though, as my wife ploughs some other man’s field (on Farmville) that social is the buzzword of our age.

To that end I’ve created a Facebook “page” for the Z Club so those who are of that bent can….socialise I guess.

Please, if you’re a Facebooker (Bookite? Bookie?) find our page (ZClubNZ) and say Hi. Pilot.P has kindly agreed to keep you all up to date on the club goings-on. Share your pictures, click ‘Like’ many times.

In other news, Taupo track is booked for 2012, Saturday 18th February – Put that in your calendar now!

Many of you attended our 30th Anniversary dinner at Takapuna Nissan, what a night eh! Quite a bit of reminiscing and a strong indication of the health of the club and it’s heritage. A huge thanks to City Nissan and Nissan NZ without whom the night would not have been the same. More details in this issue.

Quite a few events since the last issue, including Taupo 2011 which was great again. As you can see from the cover, we had a distinguished guest. Some say his favourite car is a white 300ZX.

Summer is on the horizon!

I’m about to be a father for the first time, so this will be my last effort as editor of the Orient Express for a while at least. At the time of writing I don’t have a replacement lined up so please, if you’ve a literary flair put your hand up. The Orient Express has a 30 year history and it needs to be retained and maintained.

If you’re interested please contact me or another committee member.

See you on the road!

Luke aka. ‘Pest’.

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