Newsletter Issue 14 & AGM



Presently we have 6 people on the committee and will be down to five after our next AGM (coming up on 5th May 12.30pm at the Union Post in Auckland). We still meet monthly at Eagle Tech in Newmarket. The biggest problem we face as a committee, is that most of the committee members have been doing this work for decades. Even though we do this willingly, we have committee members who have fill positions for over 20 years and would really like to hand those positions over to someone else, but there is nobody to hand them to. We now have the situation where committee members are performing multiple roles.

One of the steps we are taking is to set up an online function for the committee. We are hoping that this will mean less traveling to monthly meetings, and also open the door for others to join the committee, especially some outside Auckland. If we are to do that, we can also look into holding events in other centres, rather than just Auckland and Waikato.

Have a think about this, if you are able to offer some of your time, flick me an email.

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