2020 Presidents AGM Report

Datsun Z Club of New Zealand AGM 15/11/2020

Presidents Report



On behalf of the committee I would like to welcome all those that have attended the 39th AGM of the Z club of NZ.

At our last AGM we had bit of a changing of the guard, at the AGM last November I spoke about some of the challenges we faced as a club regards the changes in Society and the different way people operate now, particularly around the Social media side of things. We discussed the problems we faced around lack of attendance to events what looked to us to be a growing disinterest in the club.

We mentioned that we were rethinking the way we operate as a club. That we were taking actions that reflect the changing nature of society. We mentioned that we would be working on setting up a Web page and revamp of the forum. And we also mentioned that we would be looking to doing a regular mailout to members and we would relook at how operated our events. We really needed to reinvent and revitalize the club.

Well we picked a great year to do this didn’t we. We started the ball rolling and along came Covid, it was a great introduction to my first year as president.

As a committee we start looking into what we could do to get momentum into the club again.


What did we do:

Set up a Web page for the Club, this features links into the different sections of the forum and has galleries with content from our events and also some historical pictures from the club. You can even find all the past Orient express magazines. We have also been in contact with suppliers and can offer club members discount on purchases from the suppliers listed on out supplier and sponsor page.

If you haven’t seen our new web site yet please take a look. You will find it by searching zclub.nz

Gave the Forum bit of a birthday and upgrade

Created a Z Club Facebook page

Made contact with other Nissan type clubs on Facebook

We started to use social media for promoting the club, we linked into Facebook

We organized events were people didn’t have to make any commitment

We started to send out regular news letters to our members

We have also started to get some apparel underway, to date we have caps available we are selling these for $25.00 each plus postage. I will have an email out shortly to members advertising them. It is our aim to do tee shirts and jackets.

Just as we got underway Covid struck and the decision was made to use the situation to our advantage. The committee made a decision to offer free membership to all its social members and to offer free membership to all new members. We used social media to promote the club we emailed past members and then we did a mailout to registered forum users.

The thinking behind this was that we would use the free membership to get people to join the club and then we would follow this up with providing them some value to their membership aiming to entice them to pay up for the 21-22 year. I will report on that at next AGM

The drive for new memberships has been very successful, last AGM we have around 100 members we now have 150 registered members. At our last event we had 4 people join up. 20 of these are MSNZ registrations.

So far we have delivered 3 news letters which all of you should have received, and we have sent out 1 “Spotlight” and have another lined up.



Covid put the brakes on events. So far this year we have had the

  1. Waikato Meet and catch up at the Classics Museum in early Nov 2019
  2. Forgotten Highway tour in November 2019, although the attendance was not high we had 4 cars from Auckland and 1 from Wellington and was a weekend that I will not forget in a hurry, we had an absolute blast. We arrived in Taumarunui on the Friday did the highway on Saturday and stayed in Stratford Saturday night driving home on the Sunday.
  3. We had Ellerslie Intermarque Concourse display with 5 club cars and 2 other Nissans in our lineup.
  4. We had the Mataka run in August where we had about 12 cars attend
  5. And the Waikato run in November where we had 18 cars in attendance. Some coming from Rotorua and also Tauranga.

We had aimed for a run down to Wellington but because of obvious reasons have had to postpone that but are planning to do that early next year.


So what from here:

More events: We plan to populate the Web Calendar before the end of this year with events for at least the first six months of 2021.

Keep posting on social media and updating on Facebook,

At least 4 mailouts a year to members

At least 2 “Spotlight” mailouts.

We are still trying to put together some Tech nights.

Continue the drive for new members

We feel that all up the club has had a reasonably successful year and we want to provide the same and a bit more.

We will also be carring out a review of our constitution. The current constitution is still the original one set up in the 80’s and needs a few changes to make it applicable for today. I hope to able to present this at next year’s AGM for endorsement.

I would like to take the time to thank all the committee members for the work they have done through this past year. I would ask them to stand so we can give them a big hand.

And also, a big thanks you to all the Club members and Zed owners out there. Without you there would be no club.

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