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Z Club Activities

Here are some of the events that are organised by the club for members.

Formerly known as gymkhanas, this is a type of equestrian event, but with more horses!

The first problem faced by the Car Club is to find a SMOOTH grass paddock. Not too much grass, not too many cow-cakes and a farmer with a sense of humor. Having found the venue, the field is pegged out in various configurations for slalom, concentric circles, or precision driving tests.

Other types of motorkhanas take place in parking lots. These are much the same as the grass events, but with more smoke.

Motorkhanas are tests of driving skill and judgment, a sport quite different to anything encountered in street driving, yet bound to improve your driving skills.


Having once read an English book on trials written back in the dim-distant past, I can tell you with certainty - we do not play this game at all! The type of event run by this club is a far more relaxed and friendly outing entered into by members to enjoy a drive through un-familiar roads and streets to find a mystery destination. Each starter is handed a sheet of clues and instructions, some simple, some a little cryptic, and usually a list of 'things-to-find'. Correctly, this form of trial is called a Scavenger Hunt. Most organizers provide a 'Panic Envelope' in case you find yourself lost, (or should that be; in case you can't find yourself lost?) and wish to get to where the sausages are being burnt and the lemonade is flowing.

The winner is decided by some seemingly obscure points system dreamed up by the organizer, apparently based on time taken, distance traveled, questions correctly answered, with bonus points added for 'things' found. First prize, though valued by the winner, cannot be the real reason for the event. Perhaps the burnt sausages are?

As you can see, it's all intended to be pure fun. Forget the English Trials Textbook and don't buy a Halda Rally Computer - they probably wouldn't help.

Concours d'Elegance

Ever take your car to a valet service? They (well, the better ones anyway) tend to clean all the places you can see without bending. Ever take yourself to see a Concours d'elegance event? Cars that are polished in places where no normal person would even wash! Each year the Datsun Z Club holds it's own contest, members competing for trophies in several categories. The preparation of the cars is quite a task. Mothers, fathers, wives and friends all find themselves involved. Gallons (litres?) of midnight oil are burnt, fingernails are lost, and the cat finds itself locked in the toolshed. The results are well worth the effort. Pride in one's car grows, along with an understanding many small components that you probably didn't know that your car ever had. Then of course - there are those trophies.

Technical Assistance

When that group of Datsun 'Z' enthusiasts came first together in 1981, one of the most talked about subjects was the technical side of the vehicles that has brought us together.

Who tunes these carburetors? Who knows enough about the computer-controlled injection? Where can I buy the service manual so that I can do it myself???

Since that evening we have, as a club, come a very long way. Our membership now includes quite a number of very experienced mechanics, and an even larger number of enthusiasts who have learnt the skills to do it themselves. This wealth of knowledge and experience is available to you - FREE, provided by members with first-hand knowledge of the subject.

For those who don't wish to delve into the mysterious depths of the distributor, this pool of knowledge will still assist you greatly. Have you ever been told that the part you need is on back-order from Japan? A couple of phone calls could lead you to an alternative, another source, or a second-hand item in working order - you only need to ask.

Added to this is the availability of genuine Nissan parts through our club's Purchasing Officer, at savings guaranteed to impress. These services are, as you must expect, available to members only.

Motor Racing

The Z-Club's regular racing and supporting members turn out in force for events such as Historic Racing Club and TACCOC race meetings. Many also look forward to traveling to Manfeild each year for the Wellington M.G. Club's Classic. Added to this, the Datsun Z Club hosts an annual single car sprint at Taupo Motorsport Park

We realise that you, as a sports car enthusiast, are certain to be at least a little bit interested in how you and your car would perform on a race-track. With this in mind the Z-Club promotes Race Driver Training, taking a very serious attitude to this need in motorsport. This training often involves members who have no intention of actually racing their cars, only taking the courses to improve upon their car control and general driving ability. There is no need, nor any pressure applied, to go racing.

Logically, on the subject of racing we do get asked a lot of questions. Will it harm my car? No - racing does not harm your car - only you own driving does that. Tyres tend to wear a lot faster, you will use more fuel and you will find that the brakes need servicing or even some small up-grading. Overall, those who race usually maintain their cars better than would be required for a WOF. The cost? Taken sensibly with an ear to our best advice, this has got to be the cheapest form of racing available. Your transport, the family pride, taken out for an occasional Sunday sprint.

The Datsun Z Club is an affiliated member of the Motorsport Association of New Zealand Inc.


A car club is a car club is a ... We have never set out to be a social club. However, having said that, we seldom have a car event without a social event to follow. As a car club we take a very responsible attitude to highway safety, never fostering the type of events which could encourage our members to over indulge.

Social, in it's proper context, means a lot more to our group than just a chance to bend the elbow. Z-Club socials are about mixing with friends, discussing many subjects and (hopefully) broadening one's interests. We have seen uncountable new friendships grow, and many valuable business contacts made. The social side of club activities can become a very strong reason for belonging to any car club, and no less in this one. Often 'Social' is really what holds it all together, be it the monthly dine-out, a barbecue, a trip to the beach, or simply mixing with a great bunch of fellow 'Z' enthusiasts - all a part of a vital and active car club - the Datsun Z Club.


The Datsun Z Club is a recognised part of the very active and high-profile Classic-and-Marque Sports Car movement. As such, we are regularly involved in inter-club events. So the Club actively participates in the annual Intermarque Concours d'Elegance and The Galaxy of Cars plus informally at other gatherings. Loyalties will never cease, though an admiration for the other's vehicle is ever present.

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